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Employee ownership happens when employees share in ownership of the companies where they work. The two most common legal forms for broad based employee ownership are Employee Stock Ownership Plans or ESOP's, a form of defined contribution benefit plan that invests primarily in employer stock and Cooperatives, best known in agriculture (e.g. Ocean Spray, Sunkist, etc.) but also used in other business settings.

MASSEIO provides support to existing employee ownership companies in Massachusetts and encourages conventionally owned Massachusetts companies to adopt employee ownership. To that end, MASSEIO offers both no-cost and low-cost information to business owners who are selling businesses as well as to employee groups interested the concept of broad based employee ownership.

MASSEIO's target audience includes owners and key decision-makers in existing businesses, employees of those businesses, unions representing workers in unionized businesses, professional-service providers as well as local and state government agencies.

Research over the last three decades demonstrates that broad based employee-ownership companies tend to outperform their competitors, are more likely to remain anchored in their communities, and create substantial retirement wealth for employees at all levels of the company.

Profiles of Employee-Ownership Transactions:

Aegis Associates Atlantic Fasteners Marland Mold

MASSEIO is funded by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as a program of the Commonwealth Corporation.
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